Welcome to my website.

I’m an event, portrait and social documentary photographer. I’ve always had a keen interest in visual art and photography and I’m grateful to be able to focus on work that I love.

I grew up in Sydney and have an enduring connection here. I share my time between Sydney, where I live with my partner, and Adelaide which I also love and where I spent many wonderful years.

Over the past 10 years my photographic work has spanned Sydney, Adelaide and outback Australia. I’ve worked with corporate firms, local councils, media outlets, public institutions, non-government organisations, community services, small businesses, commercial venues, sports events, party promoters, festivals, DJ’s and families.

Initially, my work focussed on Sydney’s LGBTIQ communities through community and other media outlets. Today my work continues to represent life in public spaces whilst also exploring private places where people live their lives.

My journey to photography has not been linear. I completed studies in design and photography after high school but was disillusioned with the commercial art industry at that time. I explored other ways to live and because life is nothing if not an adventure, I’ve spent time freelancing as a business English teacher in Germany, travelling across the Sahara Desert to Timbuktu in Mali and playing squash in the International Gay Games in Amsterdam. These experiences and many others all influence my work and they are there each time I take a photo.

I also have a passion for social justice and was drawn for many years to work in the Australian human and social services. As a result I’ve worked with some of the most marginalised people in the country and on some of the most sensitive social and health issues.

Today, my ongoing commitment to photography is strongly influenced by my passion for human rights and social justice. A cousin of mine, who’s a great writer, described me once as a visual poet. Others have told me that I’m someone who sees emotion. I adore these descriptions. I feel they are a good match with how I see myself and what I’m striving for. I love getting under the skin of my subjects and I find that this desire for honesty is what really drives me as a photographer.

I hope you enjoy my site.